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Haus Architectural Supply, situated in Canada, stands as a significant contributor in Plate manufacturing. With a strong commitment to quality and ingenuity, the company emerges as a premier provider of architectural cladding solutions. Plates, cherished for their featherlight quality, resilience, and aesthetic allure, are skillfully fashioned by Haus Architectural Supply. Employing advanced production methods, the company ensures precise crafting, empowering architects, designers, and construction specialists to materialize their imaginative concepts with assurance. Whether designated for commercial, residential, or industrial purposes, Haus Architectural Supply's Plates consistently deliver top-notch performance, elegance, and a sustained influence on the constructed environment.

Our Product

Our standard Plate System TA3100A is tested to AAMA508-21. This standard requires physical testing of the rainscreen system. Measuring the air and water penetration of the cladding system under pressure with water present. By equalizing the pressure behind the panels this allows any water that does penetrate the face of cladding to efficiently drain through strategically placed weep holes. We offer a variety of different finishes and colours from our many partners.



Learn more about the TA3100A and download these files to add to your project.

Our Partners

Click a specific partner logo to view colour and finish options. Technical data is provided below each manufacturer.

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